Kardia (pronounced kar-dee'-ah) Greek

1. heart

2. the soul or mind, as it is the fountain and seat of the thoughts, passions, desires, affections, purposes, endeavours.

Rhea Turner


Rhea has been involved with horses since the very young age of 3. Growing up she spent many years competing in many different disciplines and various breeds of horses. Through her youth she studied with both a dressage instructor and western horsemanship instructor to develop her skills as becoming a well rounded competitor. In her late teens through and early 20's she apprenticed in a world class training facility and spent a few years learning new skills in Driving and Saddleseat. After her apprenticeship she realized that competing was her passion and decided to ride and breed her own horses.

Rhea also enjoys film, media and traveling. She has a degree in Film and Multimedia Design graduating the program with honors. She worked in the local film industry and also began working for an international horse magazine, "Saddle and Bridle" touring shows all over the US and interviewing great horseman and horsewomen. For the last 15 years she has competed in the Morgan and Saddlebred industry as a pupil of multiple world class instructors to develop skills and the art of competition with horses.

Always inspired by the love, compassion and heart that horses can instill. Rhea decided start a teaching academy. Today Kardia has a fabulous line up of diverse wonderful horses to inspire future horseman and horsewomen.

*Caption: Top right picture is World Grand Champion Park Harness morgan stallion Salem Command and Rhea.

Bottom right picture is: The Georgia Peach champion park and show pleasure saddlebred mare and Rhea.



Kardia hosts multiple instuctors in various disciplines: equitation, saddleseat, hunter, western, dressage, showmanship, dressage and driving to choose from please call or text 541-520-9334 for availability!